Telecom Consumer Conversion Analytics

Track how users move across devices and networks

6 Billion


250 Million




Use Cases

Companies that operate in and around the telecommunications industry know from experience that the utility of a dataset is far more critical than its sheer size. ThinkCX’s focus is on data reduction – we distill the big data down to the relevant conversion insights that you need to obtain a clear picture of consumer conversion events and patterns. Then you’ll find yourself in a much better position to organize targeted marketing campaigns, gain a competitive advantage, or forecast the performance of a stock in your portfolio.

Telecom Marketing Solutions

•  Website Personalization
•  Digital Marketing Optimization
•  Display Ad Optimization
•  Best Next Offer Modeling
•  BI/CI Data Platform Enrichment

Smartphone OEM Solutions

•  Display Ad Optimization
•  Website Personalization
•  Best Next Offer Modeling
•  BI/CI Data Platform Enrichment
•  Surveys to Smartphone Switchers

Analyst Community Solutions

•  Source Data for Journalists
•  Source Data for Analysts
•  Source Data for Consultants
•  Alternative Data Service
•  Quantitative Model Enrichment

Individualized, but Anonymous

Every detected churn case is logged as an individual anonymous event, enabling you to analyze, aggregate, or import into your data-driven models without any data privacy concerns.

Raw Data Delivery Options

If you prefer to receive raw consumer switching data for integration into your own analytics platform, we can use a variety of formats, such as CSV, Tab Delimited, Excel, or JSON. Files can be delivered via SFTP, direct to your S3 or Azure bucket, or by REST API, at a data refresh frequency to suit your requirements.