Your crystal clear window directly into the smartphone marketplace

• Amazing insights for smartphone and carrier marketers and industry analysts
• Actual device-to-device switching reports as consumers change phones and carriers


Our data will be at least 94% accurate.

What’s in a “Switching Dataset”?

Each month, ThinkCX uses its proprietary technology to detect and confirm hundreds of thousands of smartphone users who have switched their primary device and/or their wireless service provider. We log all of these switching events in easy-to-use CSV files, breaking them down by region, device brand, device model, and service provider.

In addition to approximate location data, each “switching pair” includes both the new and old device or the new and old carrier, so you can put the data into your analytics platform and instantly get an unprecedented picture of what’s happening right now in the smartphone marketplace.

How Do We Get Telecom Market Data?

Most smartphones emit a digital signature whenever they are connected to a network and load advertisements or run certain applications. ThinkCX specializes in processing the billions of these anonymous digital signals that hit our radar during the course of a day and distilling these down to bona fide churn events.

Using machine learning algorithms, we filter out all events that don’t meet a confidence threshold, and include only the switches that satisfy our accuracy standards. No personally identifiable information is used in the construction or publication of our data, so our service is 100% privacy compliant.

Getting Churn Data Has Never Been This Easy

If your business requires a deep, real-time understanding of consumer churn in the telecom industry, then you know how tough it is to obtain accurate, timely, and market-wide statistics. You’ve probably tried mashing together quarterly reports, sales data, surveys, and other disparate data sources to obtain your stats, but even then, understanding the precise flow of subscriber migration between service providers is virtually impossible at scale.

Our subscriber churn solution analyzes billions of digital signals daily, and finds subscribers who have switched their service provider/and or device. We output a continuous stream of churn events, identifying in each case both the previous and new service provider and device, without exposing consumer identities. The result is an easily-ingestible stream of churn insights that will power your marketing efforts and enrich your BI platforms.

Our Churn Event Data Points

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